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[ft-l] Cent. FL FTA New Years Bash


Are you aware of the Annual NY Bash in the Ocala, sponsored by the Cent. FL 
Chapter, FTA, and organized by that paragon of FTA-dom, Racheal Augspurg (and 
her faithful sidekick, Lou)?

Held at the quite-pleasant Doe Lake Campground in the SW corner of the Ocala 
(to narrow it down, it's some 12 mi. W. of Altoona, off of Hwy 42). The camp 
is quietly beautiful, and the sun sets over the near-by pond (no idea it said 
pond is presently w/water)!  We have the camp to ourselves, w/the usual group 
tent camping.  There's a nice timbered main bldg. w/fireplace; the kitchen 
has cold storage, ice machine, microwave oven but no cook stove. The 
restrooms are first-rate, heated, have hot showers and are kept immaculately 

Now, for the agenda: This year the event will run from Sat., 30 Dec. to Tue. 
2 Jan. 
Everything is low-key; there is one incredibly exciting event, which is the 
Countdown to 2001, whereby a boat cushion is lowered to mark the time; we 
then adjourn to the main bldg. for traditional black-eyed peas. Otherwise, we 
just have fun.

Sat. nite there'll be stone soup; bring bread, dessert or vegetables 
fresh/frozen/canned to add to the pot).  That evening's program (so far) 
consists of Jon Phipps showing his AT slides; Jon has almost 10,000 mi. and 
will also show his ultra-lite gear to those interested.

Sun. Nite - Pot Luck Dinner; bring a dish to share.  We'll have a singer, we 
think, not quite sure, or you show up with your best rap!

Mon. Nite - Pot Luck Leftovers

Other meals: On your own; everyone has use of the kitchen.


Sat.: PM Bike Ride.

Sun.: AM Hike PM Map & Compass Workshop plus Bike or hike.

Mon.: AM Canoe Silver River or hike.  Eve - Program & campfire

Cost: $4 per person/per night (under age 16 and over 75 camp free).

For details and a map, contact Rachael at (352) 669-2898 or 

Now, feel free to offer a program of your own.  Anyone who has a telescope, 
please bring it.  There'll also be the ever-popular Bocce Ball (come to find 
out what that is and how to play this increasingly popular game which can be 
played with a beverage in one hand).

This posting courtesy of Jon Phipps, who hopes to see you at Lake Doe, and 
wishes you Happy Trails in the N. Yr.

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