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[ft-l] Disclaimer

Thanks for the encouraging words about my slow 2-2.5 mph hiking pace, but I have to own up.  That pace is in Florida, where the terrain is flat, flatter, flattest.

Down here creek banks are about as steep as a climb gets.  On my few experiences on the AT, I'm a whole lot slower than 2-2.5 mph.  Being in my 50's and fat doesn't help the situation.  As to my speed on the one overnight hike I did on the CDT, let's not even talk about how slow that was!  (But I do get some dispensation cause we started at 9,000 feet, and I'd only been higher than sea level for 2.5 days!)

Incidentally, it's turning into a great year for the FT; we've got a whole bunch of thru-hikers out this year.  If anyone is thinking about doing the whole FT, PLEASE call FT headquarters first (1-800-343-1883).  You have to get permission to cross the Seminole Reservation and the Desseret Ranch.  Near the Everglades a few folks going through without permits are making the tribal powers kind of unhappy about having a trail through their property.


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