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Re: [ft-l] question

You can try Judy Trotta, too, at the FTA office.  She goes down there
frequently and walks during lunch and on weekends.  You can do a nice day
hike from the vistors center out to the far side of the lake, where there is
a small picnic area, and back.  And the observation tower up front is a
great place to get an overview of the whole park after going through the
interpretive area in the vistors center.  Don't miss the video at the
vistors center, either.  It's very good.

Another neat thing there, they have ranger-led overnights once a month.  At
one time I inquired and they said if you had a group and made arrangements
with them ahead of time, they would do a similar thing for your group,
depending on the rangers' schedules.  You might give them a call and see if
you can set up something special for your church group.


> Has anyone much experience in Paynes Prairie State Park? I am looking for
> another day hike for my church youth group of junior high students. We
> like to go out for about 4-5 hours and loop back to a location for lunch.
>  I understand there may be neat trails and some interesting wildlife in
> that park.
> Thanks,
> John Wakefield
> Clay County

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