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[ft-l] Primitve Campsites in Apalachicola West


I'm still making plans for a hike through Apalachicola West, and I have
some questions about the primitive campsites there. I've found on a map
that there are three sites: Jewell Tower, Sapling Head and Vilas. Can
anyone tell me what conditions are like at these sites? Do they have
outhouses, a fire ring or a table? Where are the best places to get water
along this section? I'm assuming that I will have to filter the water, but
I'm wondering if some of the creeks along the way aren't clearer than
others. Also, I don't think that the map I have shows the exact locations
of the campsites, the scale's too small. Is the Vilas site really right by
the railroad track?

To let you know what I'm looking at, I have a map of the forest that I
purchased from the local ranger station, and I'm getting close up views by
checking out the topo maps at trails.com. 

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Erskine Fincher

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