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[ft-l] Status - The Big 360 hike

Length of hike - 360 miles

Starting point - Clearwater Lake - Ocala National Forest

Direction - Western Corridor - westbound

Days into hike - 15

Latest Segment hiked -  Canoe Creek Road, St. Cloud to intersection of Old
Tampa Hwy. & Hwy 17-92 West of Kissimmee

Length of Segment - 23.2 miles

Cumulative miles hiked - 129.7 miles

Miles to go - 230.3 miles

Comments:  More joys of roadwalking:  Stopping to browse at a garage sale on
Neptune Road . . . so many birds along the Lake Toho shoreline . . . Sandy
finds a discarded combination Master lock for which I'm able to decode the
4-digit combination in about two minutes . . . lots of litter along the
highway, but it is surprising to find three laminated picture IDs so far on
this trip . . . just lying there, a black leather collar with metal chrome
studs -- how kinky! . . many, many discarded lotto tix -- Query:  Once one of
these litterbugs wins the lotto do they toss perrier and grey poupon bottles
instead?. . .interesting to look past the discomforts of roadwalking in the
rain and find that inner physical comfort at the core where contentment lies
. . . the bald eagle waiting out the rain on top of the utility pole had that
contentment, I'll wager . . . fascinating to see the old telegraph poles
still standing along the railroad tracks on Old Tampa Hwy.

We've now completed over a third of this hike and have full confidence that
we will complete it.  It seemed like a crazy notion, but it is turning out to
be a memorable adventure.  Not long ago we were near the St. Johns River
which isn't far from the coast and on our next hike, we will enter Polk
County (our fifth) and cross Highway 27 which to me signifies the heart of
the state.  Though we hike small segments, the progress seems substantial.

Map 31 has a confusing write-up that contradicts the marked trail on the map.
 The map shows the route staying on Old Tampa Highway past Immokelee Street,
yet the write-up directs the hiker to take Immokelee to get to US 17-92.  We
stayed on Old Tampa Ave.

No perrier or grey poupon bottles seen yet -- a lesson in there somewhere?  :)

Happy trails,

Rich Evans