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Re: [ft-l] Hiking the FT

Generally, the designated campsites in the NF's are the established fee
sites and/or "hunt camps".  It varies from forest to forest, but I do know
Camel Lake and Porter Lake are included.  You can see a map of the
Apilachicola NF and the designated sites at
http://www.state.fl.us/gfc/hunting/wmas/nw/a-cola.gif .  In fact,
http://www.state.fl.us/gfc/hunting/hunting.html is a good site to bookmark
as it lists all hunting dates and locations in the state.  BTW, Frank Orser
is working now with FFWCC to get our trail represented on all the hunting
maps for next year.

There are no shelters up there, in fact there are only 3 shelters on the
entire FT (correct me anybody, if I am wrong on the number).  The FTA Board
of Directors has established a "no shelter" policy for now.  We have our
hands full trying to secure and maintain the trail.  After the trail is
secured this policy may change, but with the all-year bugs in Florida, tents
are a better idea anyway.  Some of our landowners however, have built
shelters and may build others in the future.  There is a nice one in the
Osceola NF.  It's a large open, covered pavilion that you can pitch several
tents under. (Gotta have that no-see-um netting!)

Others have contributed to your question on the benefits of FTA membership,
but I think the best benefit is getting the state and your local chapter
newsletters with the lists of activities.  Almost all FTA activities are
open to the public, but with the newsletters you will know what is going on,
when and where.  With the state newsletter you will also be kept up on the
organizaion happenings - like the $5 Million Congressional appropriation we
just received for land acquisition to start securing the trail corridor.


> Thanks for the information, Cricket! I have a couple more questions...
> Are the FS designated campsites only those with facilities, like Camel
> and Porter Lake, or do those include primitive sites along the trail? Are
> there any shelters on that section of the trail?
> What are the other benefits of FTA membership? (Besides helping to support
> the trail, I mean.) :)

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