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Re: [ft-l] Benefits of joining FTA

At 08:59 PM 11/21/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello Erskine--I think one of the best things about being a FTA member is
>participating on work hikes.  These are usually held annually and involve
>clearing the trail of overgrowth, downed limbs, palmetto invasions, trash
>accumulation and such as well as painting blazes and re-routing trail if
>needed.  You get a feeling of involvement and you are part of keeping the
>trail usable for old timers and visible for beginners.  I hope since you
>live in Florida you'll join.  We need all the help we can get--and in the
>panhandle, especially!

It sounds like it could be fun. :)

>Enjoy your trip to Torrea, that is a treasure.  You are fortunate to be
>close to it.

Yes, I love it there. I've camped there a few times over the years, and
I've done some hiking there too. I've camped at both of the primitive
campsites in the old section. Once, while hiking there with my sister and a
friend, we found a hawk who had become malnourished and was on the verge of
dying. He was so sick that my friend was able to walk right up to him and
drape his jacket over him to pick him up. We took the bird to Northwood
Animal Hospital in Tallahassee and they contacted St Francis Wildlife

It had been a long time since I visited the park, but a few weeks ago I
went there with my wife and daughter and camped in the Weeping Ridge
campground. We did a little hiking, but nothing that would over-tax my 4
1/2 yr-old daughter or my wife, who's four months pregnant. We want to go
back after Christmas and take along a couple of my teenage nephews. I
thought I might get them to hike the new Torreya Challenge Trail with me. :)

>Nancy Gildersleeve (long time FTA member and former cartographer for the

Cartographer, eh? I love maps. Did you actually draw the maps, or were you
in charge of collecting the ones needed for the trail?

Erskine Fincher

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