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Re: [ft-l] Benefits of joining FTA

Hello Erskine--I think one of the best things about being a FTA member is
participating on work hikes.  These are usually held annually and involve
clearing the trail of overgrowth, downed limbs, palmetto invasions, trash
accumulation and such as well as painting blazes and re-routing trail if
needed.  You get a feeling of involvement and you are part of keeping the
trail usable for old timers and visible for beginners.  I hope since you
live in Florida you'll join.  We need all the help we can get--and in the
panhandle, especially!

Enjoy your trip to Torrea, that is a treasure.  You are fortunate to be
close to it.

Nancy Gildersleeve (long time FTA member and former cartographer for the
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