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Re: [ft-l] Another Day on the Big 360

I think there are road walks and then there are road walks.  A walk along a
narrow verge, in the sun, with cars (or even bicycles) whizzing by every few
seconds is not fun and certainly detracts from the reason most of us get out
and hike.  But a lightly traveled road with some shade can be a joy to walk
and a nice break from the woods.  It's always puzzled me the extent to which
some AT maintaining clubs go to take their trail off of a nice county lane
or old gated jeep trail and put it into the rocks/woods/up and over a
mountain.  JUST to get it off a "road".  Sometimes, it just doesn't make
sense.  Personally, I like to see a little diversity in the trail bed.  I
think one of the biggest things the FT has going for it is the diversity of
habitats it passes through.

On another notes, just spent a day in Green Swamp West.  Boy, is that nice
trail in there.  The footbed is wide and stable and you walk though pines,
oak hammocks, meadows.  It's a beautiful trail and those of you who haven't
hiked it should get up there and do it.  The trail maintainers there are
very proud of their trail and have every right to be.

> Ah, the joys of roadwalking. Wait...am I crazy?

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