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Re: [ft-l] hidden pond

Oh, and the small pond hand plenty of water in it 2!

on 11/9/00 8:14 AM, Darren De Silva at darren@webcom.com wrote:

> I was there less than 2 weeks ago, had the place all to myself Sunday night!
> But to answer your question it wasn't dried up, in fact I had a little swim
> and filtered my water from it.
> -Darren
> PS- Been looking for a partner to do the Ocala sections with, as of yet
> haven't found anyone and have been going solo. Anyone out there interested?
> I have been mostly hiking in Ocala lately but now that the weather is
> turning will be in the Everglades quite a bit (I'm in Miami) and am planning
> a trip into the Panhandle.
> on 11/9/00 7:55 AM, LPinker456@aol.com at LPinker456@aol.com wrote:
>> Has anyone been to hidden pond in the Ocala national forest as of late?  I am
>> wondering if the pond is still there or dried up!
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