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[ft-l] F-HATT

Well, I got a friend and a graphic designer (2 different people) to work up
sample logos for F-HATT.  I also did a quick one myself because I need one
for flyers for the North and Central conferences (when in doubt, plug in a
Great Blue Heron, is my motto).  They are supposed to get them to me by Nov
1 but I will be incommunicado cyberly until Nov 6th.  I though I would put
them up on a web site somewhere and y'all could do a quick vote on which of
the 3 images you like the best.

Then Sandy (deathsdoor) can do her thing about checking into patches,
T-shirts etc.

Sandy (ftcracker), how goes the website?  Anything I can do to help?

Is there anyone for sure going to the South conference who would accept a
mailing from me of 50 or so flyers to put out on the registration table?
It's the only conference I can't make this year.


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