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Re: [ft-l] section hiking

Dear Swiftscout. What about a hike from the oseola Forest -along the 
suwannee and then about 50 miles on lumber company dirt roads.  This would 
be sections 17, 18, 19, 21 and 22.  I did not check the  mileage for sure 
but it is over 100 and under 150. I could help you with transporting

carol ann from Suwannee Chapter

Swifscout writes

>I am looking to hike a 100 to 150 mile section next April. I hiked the 
>last year and enjoyed it enormously Thanks to Jon Phipps and Joan Norris. I
>am looking for a section that does not have too much road walk. I prefer
>wilderness area. I am leaning toward the upper section along the Suhanne
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