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Re: [ft-l] ideas anyone?

Rachael and Lou Augspurg and I did 3 days of Trail Inventory in the Osceola
NF last week.  We worked from the Olustee Battlefield Museum to SR 520A just
short of the "shelter".  We walked in to the shelter from the trailhead on
SR 520 and back out to check it's condition.  The trail is in desperate need
of blazing (we got lost 3 times - once for over a mile, once we knew we were
lost immediately but still lost about 1/2 an hour finding the route again
and once for only a few minutes).  North-to-south the blazes are a little
better than south-to-north.  The fires over the last 3 years and timber
havesting up there have played havoc with the blazes and small portions of
the trail where logging trucks traveled over and across the trail.  But
there is very little sign of ATV usage on the trail, which is really good
news.  The trail is in pretty good shape otherwise (except needs normal
maintenance this fall).

The blue-blaze into Ocean Pond campsite has been blazed more recently and is
in good shape except where you enter Ocean Pond.  They are renovating the
campground and the blue-blaze is totally blocked by downed trees, etc. right
as you get to the campground.  People have created an alternate trail that
will get you into the campground.  I also changed the sign at the blue-blaze
to indicate that it is 1/2 mile to the campground instead of 1 mile (we
wheeled it.)  As we were leaving Thursday night the muzzle-load hunters were
moving in at Ocean Pond and the hunt camps.

I have to go back up soon to GPS the portion of the trail that we
inventoried, probably the first week of November since that falls between
hunting seasons.  I plan to take a friend with me and we'll do some blazing
as we GPS, if Phil Niswander gives his approval.  If anyone wants to go
along and camp and do a little blazing and/or trail inventory, contact me

Deb Blick

> John,
> I'm glad your kids enjoyed the hike.  You can extend that into an
> hike by continuing on the Florida Trail to the West Lookout Tower in the
> Osceola National Forest.
> -Fred Collins
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