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Re: [ft-l] ideas anyone?

I'm glad your kids enjoyed the hike.  You can extend that into an overnight 
hike by continuing on the Florida Trail to the West Lookout Tower in the 
Osceola National Forest. You will find a spacious campsite area that even has 
nearby a public bathroom with plumbing and outdoor potable water faucet. The 
next morning, continue on the Trail to the hard top road (Hwy 262, Drew Grade 
Road) at the border of the Forest and just off Hwy 441 for a pickup point. 
You can get there by noon and have lunch at Sonny's BBQ in Lake City.  I took 
a group of Boy Scouts backpacking on that hike in mid-February during weekend 
of the reenactment of the battle;  the weather was great and the hike just 
long enough to be a challenge for them but not so long as to be too much 
-Fred Collins
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