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[ft-l] F-HATT

Well, I got a blurb into the next Footprint about the Florida HATT hike and
sent it to Sandy as well, to prepare a front page for the website.  I sent
some stuff to Sylvia to try to come up with a downloadable press release
that eahc and every hiker could use (just fill in you name, hometown and
section you are hiking and mail to your local paper).  I worked out dividing
up the trail and ran it by Joan Hobson for some minor tweaking and sent that
table off to Sandy for the website also.  I'm also working on an 8x11
advertising sheet that we can distribute at conferences, put in chapter
newsletters, etc.

Now to the fun stuff - we need a logo.  I figure in keeping with the HATT
Movement our logo should resemble the original but obviously there will have
to be some changes made to it.  (See the orginal logo at
http://friends.backcountry.net/hatt/ ) We will want to change "Appalachian
Trail" to "Florida Trail".  And "Memorial Day 2000" to "Presidents Day
2001".  And of course the mountains should be changed - to palm trees maybe?
Or gopher tortoise?  Or panther? Or space shuttle?  Or orange trees?
Something that says Florida, anyway.

Now what we need is someone decent with graphics who could come up with 3-4
different designs.  We could then vote on the list for the "official" logo
for the Florida HATT hike.

So, anyone out there who wants to take on that challenge?  I'm afraid I am
pretty hopeless when it comes to working with graphics and really need your
help on this task.


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