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Re: [ft-l] Status - The Big 360 Hike (trail through the greenway)

Not really.  It is three separate trails (hikers, mountain bikers,
equestrians) sharing the same corridor with separatly marked trails. 
Sometimes they cross each other and sometimes they are quite close
together.  You ought to make the trip up there one day--our trail crosses
some pretty territory and the whole greenway is unspoiled since it wasn't
used (except in places for grazing) for such a long time. 

The area where digging for the barge canal had actually begun years ago
is especially nice.  There are steep hills and valleys, exposed limestone
and big oaks.  The trail goes up to the ridge in places.  The area close
to the Santos trailhead passes at least two caves.  And, of course, the
land bridge is unique!

Nancy Gildersleeve

On Mon, 02 Oct 2000 11:07:21 EDT LPinker456@aol.com writes:
> Is the new trail (Santos trailhead I believe) near Bellview a 
> multiuse trail?
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