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[ft-l] FT map updates

Some questions and reflections after using the maps:

The maps I have are all dated June 1999.  How often will they be updated?  I 
think we all remember how dated the old mapset became.  What are we doing to 
protect the considerable investment of money and effort by the organization 
(and by the purchasers) in these maps?

Map 21 is already seriously outdated in three segments in the Lake Mary area. 
 Shouldn't there be a place where up-to-date trail info can be available to 
the map users?  FTA webste?  Footprint?  Addendum/errata sheets for each map?

At the bottom of each map is phone, email and website info about how to join 
FTA.  How about a blurb in there for users to reports map/trail corrections 
and conditions?  And how about sending a survey to each map purchaser so data 
can be gathered by FTA as to the utility of the maps?

On map 22, why is the old Florida Avenue route still highlighted in yellow 
after the Trail has been rerouted to the Cross Seminole Rail Trail?

I hope these comments are taken constructively as they are intended.

Happy trails,

Rich Evans
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