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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT

I have decided on F-HATT for the Florida Hands Across The Trail hike next
February.  While a lot of the names suggested were great, I wanted to make
sure that the original HATT designation was preserved as a credit to
Pittsburgh's concept and yet also add the Florida designation.  I know, I
know, F-HATT comes out as "fat", but perhaps we'll be a pound or two less so
after hiking our sections.  For those who can't "stomach" the acronym, you
can pronouce it Florida HATT.  :-)

Anyway, I just completed a blurb for the next issue of the Footprint about
the hike and I will publish the blurb here probably sometine tonight, after
I get a couple of people to proofread it for me.


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