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Re: [ft-l] Travails on the Florida Trail

Well, this *is* Florida. Things do grow WAY big here. I knew that Dan Smith 
came through that section a couple months ago, and, well, there was just NO 
WAY it could have been that bad!  I just get frustrated to see our schedule 
of work hikes concentrating on the loop trails. It was nice to work with the 
chapter in Tosohatchee a couple months ago, building new thru trail.

And yes, we are hiking out of season. My sunburn (despite the thick storm 
cloud cover and the SPF 30 bug wipes) tells the tale of a "very sunny 
section."  Still, it was *SO* frustrating to walk in circles, twice, trying 
to find the trail, and end up blue blazing it anyhow...

Next stop, Oviedo! :)

Cheers, Sandy

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