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Re: [ft-l] Travails on the Florida Trail

Sandy, believe it or not, I think that piece of trail was done just about a 
year ago.  Jon Phipps ran the mower over a lot of it.  Welcome to the land 
where things grow 12 months out of the year.  I suspect that Wiley won't get 
back in there until the fall because:

1.  You two would have to be classified as super hikers among the FT crowd.  
Virtually no one else would attempt that section in the summer heat.  (FT 
really does say that the hiking season is October through April.)  

2.  That section is so sunny (particularly the power line part) that it would 
be real hard to get a crew to work in there in the summer.  Working on it in 
the fall was really, really draining--and I wasn't pushing a mower.

3.  I know that Dan Smith and Jon walked it in May and didn't say anything 
about the weeds, so MAYBE it really has grown up that much over the summer?


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