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Re: [ft-l] Florida Trail thru-hikers

Deb, I'm standing in your audience applauding.  Somehow there has to be room and time and effort for all  our projects--the thru trail, the loop trails, the hot weather canoe trips, etc.  I do think it's PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT that we all talk up the FT whenever we can.  Invite your co-workers on hikes, talk it up at your church, mention the trail to all kinds of people.  I hand out FT business cards to lots of people I meet on my hikes.  If even 1% of them joined, we'd be ahead.  

The idea of a short handicapped accessible piece is a terrific idea.  Last weekend we were in northern Alabama, and I (having recently had foot surgery) thoroughly enjoyed a state park (highest point in Alabama) handicapped accessible boardwalk out to a wonderful view. The paved Cross Seminole trail is handicapped accessible, and it is also the FT through Oviedo, so people in wheelchairs, on crutches, etc. can actually already use the FT at that location.  However, it might be nice to have another piece in a less urban setting!

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