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Re: [ft-l] FTA table at Gathering??

Be sure to stamp your name and address at the bottom of the membership
brochures or write "The Gathering".  That way we can track any new
memberships that come from such an outreach.  I mention this particularly
because at the Ex-Comm meeting I mentioned that I thought we were missing a
bet by not having tables at the Hot Springs Trailfest, Damascus Trail Days
and the ATC conference and no one else seemed to agree that we would get any
memberships out of it.  It would really be interesting to see whether such
gatherings of AT hikers would generate more memberships.


> Jon is going to do his FT talk again.  We'll bring brochures to hand out
> the talk, but to be selfish, we don't want to spend the time manning a
>  There are just too many interesting talks to attend and old friends to
> with.  I'll wear an FT shirt at least one day and carry around more
> in case anyone asks!
> Joan
> bluetrail@aol.com
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