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[ft-l] Bounced message...

Someone recently tried to send a message to the FT-L with a large picture
file attached.  Unfortunately, because of virus - the FT-L doesn't accept
large attachments. One way to get around this is to post the picture on the
Web somewhere and then give a link to the picture (URL,
http://something...).  It's unfortunate that we can't send pictures directly
to the list, but it is much safer for everyone.  Virus can easily be spread
across mailing lists as attachments. (At least, I think that's the way it's
setup, lol).

Jeff Walters

Here's the message sent, maybe someone can answer the question without the


Hi Everyone!
Does anyone have any idea what is the meaning attached to the symbol of the
"X" with three notches carved underneath on this tree? The enclosed picture
was taken on Ellaville Section of the FNST near Live Oak.
I've sent this picture to the Historical Research Bureau in Tallahassee.
Maybe someone will know in the bureau and give me the research tools I need
to ID.
Any ideas out there?
Thanks for your consideration.

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