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[ft-l] Good news...

Jeff here,


Well, I finally got the password for the FT-L.  Say thanks to "kahley7"!
So, if anyone got dropped from the list, would like to be deleted or added
to this list - just send me a note at design@jjw.cc or hiker_jjw@yahoo.com

84 Members!

Also, good news... there are now 84 members to this list.  That's about
double from last year at this time!  I guess the word is getting out.  Keep
spreading the word to other lists, people, FTA members, etc.

List Content:

Keep in mind that this list is open to just about all trail related
content - especially the Florida Trail.  Commercial advertisements on this
list are just about the only thing prohibited.

More Good News!

Also, some more good news.  I'm just about finished with the FTA Online
Store!  Yes, that's right.  The FTA will have an online store very soon.  My
estimate is another 2 to 3 weeks (redesign, training, etc.).  The plan is to
provide selling of ALL the NEW MAPS ONLINE!  Map orders will be forward to
Tampa Reprographics & Supply.  This should greatly improve the time required
to order FT maps as well as produce more interest in these new maps.

Gotta run,
Jeff "Prairie Dog" Walters

P.S. - Sandy and Rich, when's the next hike?
Jeffrey J. Walters Web Design

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