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Re: [ft-l] New maps

Since this is the case with the "un-highlighted" routes and since Joan now
reports that almost all the road walks are blazed now or in the process of
being blazed, would it not be advantageous and less confusing to people if
the entire non-FNST route were highlighted in yellow?  Even if a section
weren't properly blazed, it might be easier for people to use. What do you

Deb Blick

> Hello FT-L,
> With this set of maps (including Map 25) we tried to provide through
> with road walk routes where there is no trail to walk.  That road walk
> route is marked on the map with a dashed line with no color highlight.  We
> have only marked roadwalks with a color if the section leader actually has
> blazed the route (usually on utility poles along the road).  Otherwise the
> route is just marked on the map.  As Deb Blick responded, the orange
> highlight signifies officially certified segments of the Florida National
> Scenic Trail.  All other marked sections of the Florida Trail that are not
> certified as FNST are highlighted with a yellow line (including some
> roadwalks that section leaders have blazed).

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