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Re: [ft-l] New maps - a PS

There really is no official route on road walks although we did mark a
route on the maps with a dashed line and described them in the narrative on
the back of the maps.  The road walks shown on the maps generally were
identified by Joan Hobson to help through hikers get through the gaps in
the trail.   A lot of the connecting route in the western loop follows the
Withlacoochee State Trail (a paved trail) since that is better than walking
along US 41.  I suggest you consider driving the road walks first and see
if they work for you before heading out on foot on the highways.  One
correction in the western loop maps is on map 29.  The trail in Green Swamp
West has been completed connecting Richloam and Green Swamp East so you do
not have to road walk in the Green Swamp.  Also, thanks to Kenneth Smith
and crew and FDOT, they are nearly ready to open the trail so it crosses
I-75 on the Cross Florida Greenway so you won't have to walk on SR 484.


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>it might make a difference if you were talking about  maps  actually
purchased through TRS

Deb, these are the maps purchased through TRS. It just seems that the red
roads show up better than the yellow and orange of the FT. I think Kent
answered my question -- that the map doesn't show roadwalk if the trail
hasn't been blazed.

Which brings up another good question. Since we plan to hike the Western
corridor, does Kent or anyone else have the official up-to-date plan of
what the Western corridor route is? Or should we trust what's shown on
these maps? We noticed a lack of official connection between the Western
corridor terminus at Big Scrub in the Ocala Natl Forest and the thru-trail
through the ONF...is there an official (likely roadwalk) connector?

Cheers, Sandy (Navigator)
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