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Re: [ft-l] New maps - a PS

>it might make a difference if you were talking about  maps  actually purchased through TRS

Deb, these are the maps purchased through TRS. It just seems that the red roads show up better than the yellow and orange of the FT. I think Kent answered my question -- that the map doesn't show roadwalk if the trail hasn't been blazed. 

Which brings up another good question. Since we plan to hike the Western corridor, does Kent or anyone else have the official up-to-date plan of what the Western corridor route is? Or should we trust what's shown on these maps? We noticed a lack of official connection between the Western corridor terminus at Big Scrub in the Ocala Natl Forest and the thru-trail through the ONF...is there an official (likely roadwalk) connector?

Cheers, Sandy (Navigator)
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