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Re: [ft-l] New maps

There is a map legend that you get when you buy the Trail Guide that
explains that orange is FNST and yellow is FT System trail not designated
FNST.  Don't know what "not at all sometimes" means.  What maps don't have a
colored line behind the trail?

The good news is - the FTA now owns a copy of ESRI's ArcView mapping
software.  We were able to purchase this software through a grant from the
American Hiking Society and quite a bit of "wheeling and dealing" on my part
with ESRI to get the price down.  GeoPlan at the U of F is busy converting
our maps from the old format to this new format.  That should be completed
by the end of September.  We will be able to do our own edits and make
changes ourselves to the map images.  I just received it on Wednesday (8/16)
and miracles don't happen overnight, but over this next year we will be
learning how to use the software and implementing some of the suggestions
this list and others have made for map improvements.

Again, if anyone has suggestions for improvements to the maps - either the
images or the descriptions - email me (D_Blick@email.msn.com) or the FTA
office (fta@florida-trail.com).  Any changes to the actual trail depicted on
the maps or in the descriptions (relos, incorrect road names, missing
bridges, hard to understand narrative, etc) should be made to either the
Section Leader or responsible Chapter Trail Coordinator.

Deb Blick

> We got a bunch of the new FT maps and attempted to plot a long trip. Other
> than seeing other people's maps, this is the first time I've looked
> and tried to use 'em. I won't give points for usability, other than the
> narrative descriptions are much better than the old maps...MUCH BETTER!
> the circled numbers help a heck of a lot. But...
> What's the deal with marking the trail in orange sometimes, in yellow
> sometimes, and not at all sometimes? I can see the red streets so much
> than I can find the trail.
> Cheers, Sandy (Navigator)
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