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Re: [ft-l] John Weary Memorial Work Hike

I'm afraid I won't be able to make that hike as I'll be at the National
Trails Symposium that week representing FTA, but I hope there is a great
turn out in John's memory and to show support for Judy and her continued
maintenance of the Flat Island/Daubenmire Trail.  I'll post the info on our
chapter website.

Last spring there was talk of a memorial for John in the Green Swamp.  Is
that still in the works, or was the venue shifted from Green Swamp to

Deb Blick

> To: Newsletter Editors, Ft-list, and All interested.
> Please post the following activity to your calendars- Many Thanks
> 9:00 AM, Saturday, September 23, 2000
> Flat Island Preserve, Daubenmire Trail(map WC-2, FTA Loop 10)
> Join the Highlanders Chapter in erecting a memorial plaque to John Weary,
> well known FTA trail designer and builder, to be followed by a short work
> hike led by Section Leader Julia Weary.  Bring hand tool, water, bug
> and picnic lunch.
> Directions: From Leesburg, go south on US27.  About two blocks south of
> post office, turn right on SR25A, go about one mile, turn right on dirt
> Owen Rd., go to parking area at end.  Memorial to be placed at point A.
> Info:Francis Keenan
>        Leesburg, Fl.
>        fkeenan@digital.net

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