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[ft-l] John Weary Memorial Work Hike

To: Newsletter Editors, Ft-list, and All interested.
Please post the following activity to your calendars- Many Thanks


9:00 AM, Saturday, September 23, 2000
Flat Island Preserve, Daubenmire Trail(map WC-2, FTA Loop 10)

Join the Highlanders Chapter in erecting a memorial plaque to John Weary,
well known FTA trail designer and builder, to be followed by a short work
hike led by Section Leader Julia Weary.  Bring hand tool, water, bug spray,
and picnic lunch.
Directions: From Leesburg, go south on US27.  About two blocks south of the
post office, turn right on SR25A, go about one mile, turn right on dirt road
Owen Rd., go to parking area at end.  Memorial to be placed at point A.
Info:Francis Keenan
       Leesburg, Fl.

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