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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT

I disagree (not about the section leaders knowing the trail).  I think we
should put up the whole trail in approx. 25 mile sections and just let
people sign up for what they want to hike.  Some will pick back-packing
sections, some will pick day-hikable sections, some will pick sections they
hike all the time, some will pick sections they have never hiked, some will
pick forest, some will pick swamp, some will pick roads, some will pick
combinations.  Let the hikers choose.

Also, purposefully leaving out the road-walks defeats the idea of the
shaking of hands that will symbolically unite the trail.  If it doesn't
happen - it doesn't happen.  But I don't particualrly like setting it up so
it CAN'T happen.

If we treat 2001 as a "shake-down hike" we will learn how to handle it
better in 2002.  But what I seem to be hearing from the list is that people
don't necessarily want a "big FTA production" sort of event, but a "grass
roots, sign up and do your thing" sort of hike.  List, please correct be if
I have gotten the wrong impression.

> Hello FT-L,
> As a suggestion, I recommend we work through the section leaders to define
> the beginning and ending points of each hike since they will know the best
> places to get off and on the trail.  Also I recommend we only hike on the
> existing through trail and not hike the long connecting road walks so we
> focus our limited resources where we have trail.
> Kent

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