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[ft-l] Attention History buffs!

Title: Attention History buffs!
Attention History Buffs!

The Florida Trail Association and the American Hiking Society is hosting a joint event in the Apalachicola National Forest during the week of November 5-11, 2000.
The general election takes place on November 7th, call your country elections supervisor and request an absentee ballet and vote before you leave.
The group will be assisting Archaeologist Andrea Repp in constructing a hiking trail from the FNST to the Langston Homestead. This property was the site of a homestead from the Civil War Era to the early 1900's. The ninety-year-old house and site represents a unique example of local vernacular architecture and community development.  The property is additionally significant due to the  local historical association of the original resident and founder of the Smith Creek Community.  The potential interpretive value is high for this significant resource, due to the proximity of the Florida National Scenic Trail.  
In the Smith Creek community of the 1800's, about 50 woodsmen and subsistence farmers lived there at the time.  Distilling pinesap for turpentine was the primary industry of the isolated community.  Langston eventually earned enough money to purchase the land where the 90-year-old house stands today.  He and his wife reared five children before he died of pneumonia during the Civil War.  One of his daughters, Laura Langston, lived to be 102.  Many of his descendants still live in the Smith community.
The object of the event is to:
1) Restore/reconstruct the fence around the house.  This would entail replacing any rotten posts and replacing all the wire with new.  2) To lay out and construct trail from the Florida national Scenic Trail to the Langston Property. 3) If interpretive signs are available by then, to install the signs and an informational kiosk.

Free camping is available.  Please contact; Sylvia Dunnam, 15894 129th Rd. McAlpin, FL 32062, 904/362-3256, dunnams@alltel.net.