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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT

Pam and Cricket chimed in on the name:
> Or, more probably, FITS (Feet in the Swamps)..  As in "They're having FITS
> on the FNST this year."  :-)
> Cricket
> > How about HITS?  (Hands in the Swamp)
> >
> > <<<sorry>>>   Pam

I previously mentioned HOTT (Hands Over the Trail) as a slight variation on
the original HATT hike.  So I'll expand on that:  HOTT on the Trail.
I'd hate for people to think, like I did when I first heard of the FT, that
it's ALL swamp-slogging.  Honestly, that's the impression I had.  Of course
HOTT might make everyone think it's a Death-Valley-like trail.  :-(
	--  eArThworm

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