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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT

Karen wrote:
> Aren't there some sections of the trail that are resricted to FTA 
> members only? If you are opening this up to the public, is there 
> anyway they could pay a small (or no) fee to get a three-day 
> membership?  How about a trial membership drive? Just an idea - do
> with what you want!

	Hey, lurkers are OK with us, however the deal is that once 
they unlurk, even by mistake <vbg> they have to thruhike the FNST...
or at least do a section when we get this Florida Trail HATT off
the ground...or should I say "on" the ground.  Come on down in Feb.
and hike with me...I'll pick the best section for us  :-)  North Fla.
has the best parts of the Trail. (just kidding, you folks in the rest
of the state)  
	Who can answer this question?  Are there going to be some 
sections off-limits to the public unless accompanied by a member?

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