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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT

I wanted to re-state the original idea of this hike before we get too far
afield with it.  If we want to make changes that's fine, but here is the
original idea so everyone can understand it and either accept or amend it.

(Paraphrased from HATT since Pittsburgh explained it much better in fewer
words than I could.  Thanks Pittsburgh.)

On Presidents Day weekend 2001 individual hikers or small groups of hikers
will each hike sections of the FT for which they have previously signed up.
The hike will attempt to cover the entire 1300 mile Florida National Scenic
Trail (designed or un-designated,"thru-trail") in that weekend.  At noon on
Saturday, Feb 17, 2001 teams of hikers ( "teams" means individuals, couples,
groups) will be positioned at specific locations along the entire Florida
National Scenic Trail ( 2 teams at each location 40-60 trail miles apart ).
Handshakes will be exchanged, then one team will hike south, and the other
team will hike north. 48 hours and 20-30 trail miles later, at noon on
Monday Feb 19, 2000 new pairings of teams, that have hiked from opposite
directions, will meet and exchange handshakes. In this manner, the entire
trail will be hiked, with the touching of hands unifying the entire event...

So that is the basic idea.  Times and mileage can be changed, I just stuck
some in so you would get the idea.


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