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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT (another long)

I spoke with Judy Trotta at the FTA office yesterday and she thought a
HATT-like hike was a terrific idea.  She suggested I bring it up at the
Ex-Comm meeting at the end of August to get the "FTA's blessing", but run it
as an individual volunteer event, trying to get at least one person in each
chapter to kind of publicise it locally to get each chapter involved.
(That's where you guys come in!)

She concurred that it probably wouldn't be possible to get a tremendous
amount of publicity done in time to do it in Feb 2001, but suggested that we
do it as a "test" anyway.  If it gets a good response from membership then
maybe FTA could get a grant to hire a publicist for a really big 2002 event.
And she thought Presidents Day weekend was good.  She said the office staff
couldn't be involved much in it since they would be too busy organizing for
the March annual meeting and Trail Advocacy Week each year.  I assured her
that probably all the office staff would have to do is be personally kept up
to date on what was going on and to refer callers to an

She also suggested that for the dry run we stick to the thru-trail and if it
goes well, expand it to the entire Florida Trail System for the "big event".

So, if I'm to make the proposal to Ex-Comm in 3-1/2 weeks, we need to get
our "duckies in a row" before then.

So I'm looking for volunteers to do the following:
1-2 people from each chapter to talk it up in their chapters and get the
chapters behind it
A couple of "word-smiths" to come up with a name for this event (brainstorm
and submit to list for a vote)
A couple of "graphics people" to come up with a logo once the name has been
A couple of people to help divide the trail into "hike-sized" portions
1-2 people to work on a "publicity flyer" that people could take to their
chapters and local newspapers and post on the website for download.
1-2 people to look into tee-shirts/patches/bandanas once name and logo are
decided.  They would be sold at cost to participants, hopefully before the

Anything else I've forgotten?

One more question - should we use this list for all related questions once
this gets underway or create another list for that?  My feeling is if we use
this list, we might get more people to join it and stay with it over time.
But a separate list would be very easy to set up if y'all don't want the
event to overpower other FT-related discussions.

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