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Re: [ft-l] black bears in Florida

I talked with some of the FWC bear guys last year who are counting bears in
the Ocala for DOT (something to do with widening SR 40 into an expressway
that was quashed because of the bear corridor).  Anyway, they do some pretty
amazing stuff.  Like CO2 crossbows shooting tanquilizer darts; the big,
round, trailer-mounted traps; motion-activated cameras; and putting up
small, low pens of barb-wire to collect hairs for DNA analysis which allows
them to track each individual bear.  All of their traps and the pens are
baited with dried corn and doughnuts.  They indicated that most bears liked
the jelly-filled the best (just like Yogi), although some preferred powdered
or honey-glazed.  Guess if you want to attract them you have to offer them
something they can't resist!

If you want to learn more, I suggest you take the field trip that FS offers
at the Florida Black Bear Festival, Sept 30 in Eustis.  Or maybe contact
FFWCC and see if you can get one of their people to talk at a chapter
meeting or conference.


> Now that's really smart.  I thought we were trying to get the bears OFF
> people-food habit!  Guess it's better than baiting with goats...
> P

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