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Re: [ft-l] black bears in Florida

Dear Cricket,
I will take the maps. We took them to the Florida Folk Festival in White
Springs in May and A LOT of folks looked at them and were impressed.
Suwannee Chapter is also hosting the FNST display plus ours at the Forestry
Festival in Perry in late October. We have lots of trail in that area but
few members. Check out their web site. (www. floridaforestfestival.com)

Sylvia  (:

> Right, I forgot to mention that FTA had two booths there last year - Sylvia
> and Carl did a super job with the FTA booth and Central Florida chapter had
> one also.  Glad to hear the FTA booth will be there again this year.  It's
> great publicity for FTA among the type of people that we like to recruit.
> Sylvia - when you pick up the stuff at the office for the display, pick up
> the copy of all the maps that's out in the reception area too.
> Cricket
>> Dear Cricket,
>> The Suwannee and Central Florida Chapters of the FTA are hosting a joint
>> display in the Black Bear Festival. We were there last year's also. Let's
>> talk it up!
>> Sylvia  (:
>> dunnams@alltel.net
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