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Re: [ft-l] An idea for the FT

Hey, yeah - Presidents day weekend would be great!.  That holiday would fit
in great with the timing and all.  And I really think it should be a weekend
activity so working people can get off work for the entire event time.

A continuous push over one weekend, so it doesn't straggle out all month
long would be my preference as it would be much easier to coordinate for
publicity and getting info out to people. I can just see myself chained to
my desk for the entire month of February explaining to people over the phone
that "Yes, Seminole State Forest is Feb 7-9, but Ocala South is Feb 22-24"
or some such thing. And of course if you do it over the course of the entire
month, you lose the hand-shake thing at beginning and end which kind of
makes it like a tag-team event.

But my original idea was that we would just divide up the trail into
segments, post the segments, and let people sign up for the segment they
wish to hike.  The "signer-uppers" could be individuals or groups and so
long as they were at the start of their segment on time to shake hands with
the adjoining segment hikers and at the end of their segment on time to
shake hands with the next segment hikers, the hikers could determine for
themselves how the distance was to be covered - day hikes or backpacking/car

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