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[ft-l] An idea for the FT

> Some of you may have heard about, or ever be participating in, HATT.
>  http://friends.backcountry.net/hatt/ for more info). Basically it's an
> attempt over Labor Day weekend this year to hike the entire route of the
> The AT was broken up into 70 small 25-35 mile chunks and people signed up
> via the internet to hike different sections.  It seems to have taken hold
> and will be a success.
> Well, I was thinking that a similar activity on the FT might be kind of
> and great publicity for the Trail, FTA and FL hiking in general.
> Newspapers, the public and our own members seem to get fired up by big
> things - opening a new section of trail, building a bridge, etc. - and
> could certainly be big.
> We could look at maybe Presidents Day weekend in January since many people
> have a 3-day holiday then, the weather is generally good for hiking, and
> most areas general gun hunting is over.  Maybe plan it for 2002 to give
> enough time for max publicity.  Divide the FT/FNST up into around 20 mile
> chunks, depending on terrain and road crossings.  Maybe include both loop
> trails and the thru trail.  Get a patch or Tee shirt or bandana made for
> participants.  Set up a website to post photos and journals from each
> Etc, etc, etc.
> What do you think??????
> Cricket
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