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[ft-l] More on Tagalong's gear for sale

Finally got the details on Jan (Tagalong) Kern's gear she's selling, so here it

1.  TENT: Sierra Designs Orion CD, brand-new, used only one night.  Paid $239.
	Asking $215.
	You can see this tent at several sites, including:
2.  BACKPACK:  Osprey Flyte with Vector One, internal frame, brand-new, carried
	only one day.  Paid $249? (someone on the list had quoted that price some
	time ago)  Asking $215.
	Specs: 4400 cu. in., 4 lb. 7 oz.  The Vector One pocket can be replaced
	with other types of pockets (see http://www.ospreypacks.com/vectors.html) and
	there are other accessories available 
	(see http://www.ospreypacks.com/accessories.html).

3.  BONUS!!:  With either the tent or pack, you get--at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE--a
mail drop box with one week's worth of food all packaged and ready to go,
INCLUDING such things as macaroni 'n' cheese, grits, GORP, snacks, TP, wet wipes
and peppermint soap!

Rush right to your telephone,computer, or mail box and make contact NOW.  These
are hot items folks and they'll go FAST!    Operators are standing by!    :-)

	Jan "Tagalong" Kerns
	P.O. Box 352
	Townsend, TN 37882
	(865) 448-9153
	(865) 983-0399 (her daughter's, leave msg. if she's not there)
	Eeyorecolectr@aol.com (her daughter's e-mail, put FOR JAN KERNS in subject

	--  eArthworm

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