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Re: [ft-l] Dan Smith Returns!

I'll find out from Dan after he finishes. I walked the first mile in with
him on Sunday and it was bone dry. The most suprising thing was that the
Corps had placed a 200 by 50 foot pile of rocks 4 feet high right across the
trail 500 feet north of the Bluff Hammock trailhead. No problem to walk
around... I just don't know how big the pile is going to get. Maybe Jim Pace
will get his own Mahoosuc Notch. The trail passes through a bay gall and
across a 3 foot deep ditch that was dry. During the wet season you will
definately get your feet wet. We ran into mr. Boney's son-in-law during the
hike. He seemed nice especially after I told him I was from Okeechobee and
that my wife sang at one of Mr. Boney's brothers' funeral 2 years ago.  I
didn't bring the fence issue up though I can say that the land south of this
spot looks like it could be wetter and that Jim got the better of the two
fencing jobs by the WMD.

                                                        Doug McCoy
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