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Re: [ft-l] Yellow Blaze Trip Report

Aucilla sinks is awesome, isn't it.  I love that dark water with swirling
floating leaves appearing and disappearing.  Its one of the FT
highlights, I think, along with the trail on the bluffs of the Suwannee
and the open prairies of the Kissimmee River (section 5).  You've always
had to hail a boat to cross the St. Mark's River.

Another neat spot is a cool dark hammock in Prairie Lakes just filled
with all kinds of air plants and enormous palms.  Coming in there after a
long hot sunny walk across a field is a breath of fresh air.  Another
spot you'd like in North Florida is the trail along the high bank of 
Etoniah Creek.  Come back up here when the wild azaleas are blooming in
late Feb-early March for that one, a few weeks later you'll find wild
azaleas and fringe trees along the Suwannee.

Nancy Gildersleeve 
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