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[ft-l] Yellow Blaze Trip Report

Back from a three-day road trip to get some additional photos for Jon Phipps' FT slide show.  His camera malfunctioned when he hiked a couple of sections, so he had some gaps he hoped to fill.

Never having hiked in north Florida, I was very impressed with our brief yo-yo hikes on the trail.  The pieces along the Suwannee were absolutely beautiful--even in the rain.  I'm now pitching for a 3-4 day backpack there next winter.

I was amazed to find (did I sleep through Joan Hobson's and Jon's journal on this point?) that you have to get find a boat to cross the St. Mark's River.  Sitting on the deck at Posey's Restaurant at St. Marks I hoped we'd see some hiker ferried across, but no such luck.  

The St. Mark's Refuge section is pretty too, but probably even nicer in January or February.  We picked up several ticks in there.  

The section that really got me was the Aucilla Sinks.  We drove until the dirt road became a jeep track and then got out and explored along the trail.  It was late in the day and overcast, so the light was eerie.  That dying light and the dark, murky, limestone-surrounded pools of the sinks made that area seem extremely mysterious.  I felt as if we were Hansel and Gretel about to encounter the witch's cottage.  

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