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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Epilogue


It has been an adventure. To start 14 and half hours in the swamp; 4 more
days swamp walking; a delightful next 10 miles above I-75 on a clear marked
and dry trail; the Indian Reservation; "Blazing" the Miami Canal in place of
a closed piece of trail; nearly getting killed on US98 West of the Kissimmee
River; wonderful trail and campsites in Hickory Hammock and Avon Park along
the Kissimmee; walking "chewed up" trail because of fire lines; a dry Three
Lakes; wading Bull Creek; getting thru Deseret; so disappointed by the mess
in the Ocala by ATV's; Bud's Grocery in Section 14; the airport in 15; the
R.R. Bed to Lake Butler; the tremendous rain storm to finish Section 16; off
to the conference; walking the Suwannee with Azaleas; 28 degree weather in
Section 21; St. Marks with a severe thunder storm, rain and gusty winds that
forced us to the town of St. Marks early; 3 motels because of threatening
storms; the terrible walk thru Apalachicola; the tough walk thru Bradwell
Bay with it's blow-downs and water; road walks to start the Panhandle; the
wonderful surprise at Econfina Creek; beautiful trail and Mountain Laurel;
Mine Roads and the Pine Log; the severe thunder storm and rain that caused
tents to leak and wet everything; a couple motels and more road walks; Eglin
A.B. for 4 days; more road walks and then the Gulf Island National Seashore;
and the end at Ft. Pickens. 85 days from January 14 to April 11 with four
days off for the Annual Conference. Man it's back to civilization and
concentrate on V.P. of Trails.

Worst Whole Day: Loop Road

Worst Half Day: Bradwell Bay

Best Trail: It's a tie between the First 10 miles in Section 2 and Econfina

Most Roadkill: SR71

Most Frightening: US98 West of Kissimmee River

Most Tedious: CR474

Worst Storm: St. Joe's

Most Surprising: Avon Bombing Range / Kissimmee River Potties, Picnic Tables
and Showers.

Big Surprise: Picnic Table on Suwannee, Section 19.

Friendliest: Bud's Grocery and Store 88.

Biggest Disappointment: North Ocala National Forest

Longest Day: White Springs to CR129

Major Surprise: Most of the trail has been blazed well and was easy to
follow. For that I thank all the hard working FTA members and trail workers.
We're getting there!

Joan Hobson

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