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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Section 30 - 4/10 to 4/12

Florida Trail Journal - Section 30
The Panhandle
Including Gulf Islands National Seashore

Beginning: Beach at Santa Rosa Recreational Facility.

End: Ft. Pickens State Park

Total Mileage: ? Miles

Conditions: Beach walk along white sand. Opportunity for beach combing, bird
watching, sunning and swimming. Historic Florida. Overnight camping is not
allowed on beach. No blazes on the beach.


Monday April 10, 2000

Off to meet a couple of Western Gaters who will walk the Gulf Islands
National Seashore with us. They will "hop scotch" a couple cars. The trail
is currently in a road, but will be placed on the beach with permission. The
pavilions are still not open. About 7 miles on the National Island Seashore
and then one mile of University property then into a bike trail. It's about
10 miles in all to Pensacola Beach. The sun is out, the breeze cool and not
much traffic. The Gulf Sea here is blue and azure. Clear sand and beautiful
views of the Ocean. The last five miles is thru Pensacola Beach and on to
the road leading to Ft. Pickens.

Posted by Jeff Walters on Saturday, April 22, 2000.


Tuesday April 11, 2000

We are met again this AM and I will try to walk a portion of the beach if
the sand is not soft. Soft sand and we're on the road. Dunes are lower and
we have a wonderful view of the Ocean. The last two miles are on a bike path
and we're finally finished! 1266.5 miles at 11AM on April 11, 2000!

Posted by Jeff Walters on Saturday, April 22, 2000.

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