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[ft-l] Cracker Call now online

As part of my new job as editor of the Cracker Call, the newsletter for the 
Florida Cracker chapter of the FTA, I'm putting each issue online. The 
current May/June issue is under development right now, so I've loaded some of 
the information at:


Take a look and give me some feedback. I can't devote oceans of time to it, 
so I stayed with a very simple format. To make sure the print issue gets out 
before May 1, I'd appreciate if all members who said they'd write up trip 
reports would get them in to me BEFORE Apr 15th. As discussed with some of 
you, I'd like to see writeups on the FTA conference, the Greenway bridge, our 
volunteer awards last month, and progress on trail maintenance. And trip 
reports, of course! Photos are welcome, and will run in color on the website. 
If you have any you want to share, contact me and I'll discuss the details.

Thanks for keeping in touch...and thanks to Ryan (who runs this list for us) 
for providing me the webspace to put us online!

Cheers, Sandra Downs
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