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Re: [ft-l] Roan Highlands open pit gravel mine

Many (Most) agencies and government officials pay little heed to email
letters because they know it takes very little effort (commitment) to
generate a letter on any issue via email. You are much better off by
actually writing and sending a letter via US Postal Service. They DO look
at and count letters that arrive via the US Postal Service. Put a little
more effort into it and have your opinion counted!

- Carl

On Tue, 14 Mar 2000 FCollage@aol.com wrote:

> Florida Trail listers,
> Please read the following email and visit Wingfoot's website to support 
> preservation of the AT at Roan Highlands.  He has launched an easy-to-use 
> letter campaign that will email your letter to decision makers.  Look at the 
> photos there and decide for yourself if you would want to see an open pit 
> mine at this location.  Thank you.
> -Fred Collins
> Gainesville, FL 
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