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[ft-l] Family emergency for Rick Guhse

Hello all.  Rick Guhse's sister Mary Jean called FTA Section Leader Vernon
Compton in an attempt to contact Rich who is on the FT somewhere.  Rick has
a family emergency, and she has been unable to contact Rick.  Mary Jean
would like for Rick to call her at 603-547-2332.  If you know where Rick is
or how to get in contact with him, please pass this info on to him or
contact me or the FTA office with the information so we can try to track
him down.  Thank you for your help.

Kent L. Wimmer, AICP
Florida National Scenic Trail Liaison
Florida Trail Association, Inc.
(850) 942-9376 (w)
(850) 942-9305 (fax)
(850) 386-8442 (h)
Mailing address:
USDA Forest Service
National Forests in Florida
325 John Knox Rd, F-100
Tallahassee, FL 32303-4160

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