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[ft-l] Joan "Igloo" Hobson - Section 10 - 2/9 to 2/10

Florida Trail Journal - Section 10
Lake Jessup

Beginning: SR 50 near Christmas, FL.

End: Lake Jessup, US HWY 17-92 near Big Tree Park

Total Mileage: 28.3 Miles

Conditions: Some rural clay roads, some subdivisions, some wooded walks,
some highway. The FT in this section will probably be rerouted due to the
heavy development. Trail goes through communities of Chuluota and Oviedo.


Wednesday February 9, 2000

Had a restless night. Feel ok. But anxious to get going again. Made some
phone calls to check in with folks last night. Up at 5:45AM. Can't sleep
anymore. Gathering my "stuff" and waiting for "wake-up" call. We're ready to
go after doughnuts and coffee in the lobby. Hated to get off the trail, but
realized it was for the best. Good food and a rest and I'm ready. It's cool,
but promises to get in the upper 60's with a wind. The walk up from
Christmas to Seminole Ranch is quick. There's several large trees down, some
crooked bridges, but the blazing is clear. We rested and talked with the
ranger at Seminole Forest. Off up Wheeler Road and on to what seems an
endless Ft. Christmas Road. I'm sure the milages are off. New construction
and homes as we approach Lake Mills Rd. The walk from there to the County
Park is less than a mile and a welcome sight. It's 2:30 and we've traveled
about 13 miles today. Feet seem to be the only problem folks are having.
Nice afternoon, good food, drinks and a walk around this lonely park brings
us to sunset. I've decided to go to the fire ring for my usual evening

Posted by Jeff Walters on Monday, February 28, 2000.


Thursday February 10, 2000

Up and out of the park by 8AM. Stopped for a lunch at a Convenience Store.
Mostly trail today. Walked up to a fence in Chuluota by the Fire Station but
went thru a gate. On up a Rail - trail to the infamous swing bridge over the
Econ. Nice trail but more erosion from bikes have made more and larger
roots. Walked the "New" trail south along the Econ. And over the long
bridge. We stopped for cold drinks and the way. Around Round Lake and up to
a fence which DID NOT ALLOW the big packs. We scarred up a deer on the
rail-trail also. We finally hit the Rail Trail - trail into Oveido and
called Joan. We were on to her house and spent a wonderful afternoon and
evening - good cooking, lots of food. Attended the Central Florida Chapter

Posted by Jeff Walters on Monday, February 28, 2000.


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